Alpress – Lymphedema Therapy

Alpress – Lymphedema Therapy

Alpress is a device designed in conjunction with Dr. Alejandro Latorre, in order to improve the treatment of people with lymphedema. The equipment consists of a therapeutic trousers controlled by means of an application, which is capable of massaging and pumping the liquids accumulated in the lower extremities, allowing you to have a better quality of life.

Given the special conditions of each patient, the product is developed to measure and according to the needs, contact us directly for purchase.

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The American Cancer Society defines the lymphatic system as part of the body’s immune system, which is made up of a network of lymph nodes, ducts, or vessels, as well as organs that work together to collect and transport lymphatic fluid through tissues into the blood. When a buildup of lymphatic fluid occurs in the adipose tissues just below your skin, inflammation and discomfort is generated, this is known as lymphedema.

Lymphedema can be caused by infection, cancer, scar tissue by radiation therapy or surgical removal of lymph nodes or inherited conditions in which lymph nodes or vessels do not develop normally, this citation worsens to the point of causing serious problems, resulting in a chronic or long-term condition. For this reason it is required to control in its initial stages to help reduce symptoms and prevent it from getting worse.

Currently, the treatment of lymphedema is performed through therapy, in which therapists massage, using the drainage technique, generating pressure to displace the fluid trapped in the swollen limb. This process can take between an hour and a half to two hours, and the treatment ends with the compression bandage that favors that the lymphatic fluid flows again.

Despite the effectiveness of the treatment, it currently presents several drawbacks for patients and health personnel, since people must travel with daily difficulty to receive their therapies, and the number of patients can result in a strenuous day of work for therapists. Under this circumstance, the vascular surgeon and Director of the Colombian School of Lymphology Dr. Alejandro Latorre, decides to develop a project in conjunction with Human Bionics, which allows people to lead a lifestyle normally, receiving therapy at home and without any effort, it is then that Alpress was born.

Alpress is a therapeutic trouser that has 7 internal cavities that allow liquids to be pumped through the pressure generated by the elastic material that composes it and the air pressure that is emitted by an internal electronic system. Alpress unlike the pneumatic compression therapies that currently exist in the market, allows people to perform activities such as walking, sitting or getting up during their therapy, since it has a wireless system that allows free movement.

For the correct control of the therapy, Alpress has its own application, which allows the health manager to assign the pressure conditions and the type of massage suitable for the patient, as well as schedule controls and prescribe medications; which allows to provide a personalized patient-professional treatment. On the other hand, the patient will be able to activate his device remotely, without running the risk of altering the specific data issued by his doctor. Additionally, the device contains its respective use battery, spare battery and charger.

This device can be purchased by health personnel, who wish to provide therapies to their patients, or directly by users, by contacting us directly at the email or whatsApp number +57 316 63 45 286

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