Anda Basic- Parkinson’s Therapy

Anda Basic- Parkinson’s Therapy

Anda is an application that improves the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s and people with neurodegenerative diseases, because it provides sounds and visual signals that are considered fundamental to improve movements, also increasing the cadence and length of the step in individuals with PD, who suffer from constant falls due to loss of balance or problems when executing the gait properly, either at the time of lifting the foot or generating the advance.

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Parkinson’s is a type of movement disorder that occurs when neurons don’t produce enough dopamine. This disease occurs progressively in the nervous system affecting movement.

Symptoms begin gradually on one side of the body and subsequently spread. This disease causes tremor in the hands, arms, legs and face, in the same way it generates rigidity in the arms, legs and trunk, slowing down movements and causing problems of balance and coordination.

At this point, it is born, as an alternative solution of medicines, to reduce the effects generated by the disease and provide productive help for the patient and his daily life. Anda is an application that produces sounds specifically selected to increase the production of dopamine and thus improve the stability and coordination of gait, in addition to increasing aerobic capacity allowing greater walking time.

In the application there are various musical genres, which allow the user to select the one that best suits their tastes, within these sounds are salsa, tango, rock, samba or electro. It also allows the user to select the frequency of the sounds, this directly affects the speed of the gear that the user wants to acquire.

The application has additional functions that allow the patient and their families to keep a periodic record of their height and weight, as well as statistics on the periodicity of use of the application and the number of steps taken daily.

In addition to acquiring the application, users can use the headphones or gait glasses, which will allow a correct use and a better experience. The difference for the correct selection of the device lies solely in the comfort of the patient.


¿Why is Anda a great choice?

In the studies carried out on the volunteer patients of Anda, it was shown that the performance of the gait reached a significant improvement in the three main dependent variables: at low speed (meters per second) of 63.38%, cadence (steps / min) 22.11% and step the length in meters 109.19%. All the patients analyzed improved their rhythmic movements thanks to the acoustic signals and there were important changes in the speed of these patients who went from being blocked to showing a positive, rhythmic response, and that is easily perceived in the sight of other people.


If you want to approve the operation of the Anda application, we invite you to download the application, which is available in the Play store.

Enjoy the free license and start Walking.





Anda Basic, has been a product winner of several awards worldwide, among which the following stand out:


First place nationally of Heroes Fest 2016.

Lab4+ Award as the Third Most Innovative Company in Latin America.



Semifinalist in the 5th edition of Una Idea, in the category of applications.


Participation in the Ceatec technology fair in Japan.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 8 cm

Auriculares, Gafas



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