ClinicApp Travel – Travel for Health

ClinicApp Travel – Travel for Health

ClinicApp Travel, is a design proposal generated by Human Bionics, for the Santander Health Cluster, and aims to book medical appointments, inform of the patient’s status and encourage tourism in the city, specifically, in the areas near the hospitals and clinics of the city where the APP is registered. This is a proposal for a flexible and adaptable project model, which contemplates various elements that can be implemented as incentives for health and tourism.


Health tourism, medical tourism or health tourism is the term that has taken the process in which a person travels outside their place of residence with the aim of receiving health or wellness services.

The Santander Health Cluster recognizes the potential and recognition of medical care in Colombia worldwide, so it seeks to make an application that concentrates all the information of medical personnel, according to their specializations and agendas in an application, where people can acquire services of treatments and surgeries, remotely, and in parallel, they can find information related to activities close to their point of attention, such as lodgings, parks, restaurants, etc., that enhance tourism in the city. At this point, the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, is also part of this project that seeks to increase the economic reactivation in the city.



For the proposal, a (APP) is proposed, composed of 4 action modules: My profile, Book surgery or treatment, My Surgery, Tourism. In the latter, there is a map on which you can click to choose the type of route or tourism that can be executed around the place where the patient is and the sites covered by the chosen plan.

The sidebar contemplates the location of specific locations, as well as the plans purchased in the reservation module. These plans are developed around hospitals, medical centers or aesthetic centers in which the patient will be cared for. When viewing the main screen, with a defined plan, it will show the tourist activities it covers. Each point is listed and you can detail site information, just by selecting the number.

Within the information of interest, there are data such as name, address, hours of operation, contact information if applicable and a brief review. It also contains a gallery of images of the site and given the extent of the information it contains, the information screen will allow you to scroll and scroll.

Within the contact information, there are the buttons that directly generate the call to the different functions of the cell phone to perform the respective actions. Within the information of interest, statistics of visits and public ratings regarding the locations are also presented.

In the reservation module, users select the procedure, and can view the number of people who have executed it through ClinicApp Travel.

You can even see a heat map, in which the statistics by country are evidenced. Distinguishing which countries have greater use of the service, thus giving reliability to the patient, and providing relevant data for the marketing of the services and the application.

Then, they will be able to visualize the list of doctors according to the previously selected specialty, in case of requiring more information they will be able to access the professional’s resume, where the medical profile, studies, experience and number of patients previously attended, with their respective opinions, are evidenced.

The patient will be able to select day and time, according to the doctor’s agenda. Finally, the user will be able to add the service plan of their interest, according to the location where the medical staff operates, to stay in a safe area and close to the medical staff. By clicking on reserve, the application will take the user to the selection of means of payment and generate a certification vaucher of a correct reservation.

In the surgery module, both the patient and the companion will have access to the review of the information about their reservation, in which information such as the procedure, the specialist and the scheduled date are detailed. With special focus from the companion, the companion will be able to review the patient’s condition in this section.

In the profile module, users will be able to edit their personal information as well as their location and change their account password. In case of having made previous reservations, the card is registered to speed up the purchase process, in future situations. If the user wants, they can add another card or unlink it.

The application will also save information on reservations made previously, saving information on dates, procedures and specialists, in case of detailed observations, these can be viewed by clicking on view details.

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