Coffi Club Coffee E-commerce

Coffi Club Coffee E-commerce

Coffi Club is a coffee marketing platform, which allows free marketing by coffee growers and baristas with their direct audience, eliminating intermediaries in the process and allowing fair trade.

As an E-commerce platform, it consists of an application and a website designed and developed by Human Bionics S.A.S. in alliance with various Colombian coffee growers, in search of a free commercialization of the product.


Coffi Club is a platform for the commercialization of specialty coffee, created under a society of coffee growers from the Colombian region, who sought to take their products from the field to the digital world, in search of obtaining greater autonomy in the decisions of sale of their products.

At present, a large part of Colombian coffee growers live in conditions of poverty and despite their strenuous work, their product is bought by cooperatives, federations or different intermediaries at a very low price, on the other hand, these same intermediaries, manage to sell the product to the public with exorbitant prices.

Therefore, coffee growers in search of greater autonomy in the process of selling their products, decided to develop in alliance with Human Bionics, a platform that would allow them to market their products directly locally, nationally and internationally, thus enhancing their sales volume.

Coffi Club as a digital marketing platform, consists of an application and a website, which allows anyone to buy or sell products related to coffee, such as bags, machines, supplies, tools, tours of coffee farms and barismo courses.

The sales channel is directly related to shipments by DHL certified mail, which guarantees the conditions and delivery of the product.

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