Hubi exoskeleton

Hubi exoskeleton

An exoskeleton is an artificial structure or frame that covers all or part of a person’s body and allows to increase their physical abilities.  Mainly, they have medical and military applications, which contribute to children, youth and adults with motor disabilities.

In Human Bionics, we want to contribute from our engineering knowledge, to believe in a world without limitations, from the improvement of the quality of life to people who suffer from total or partial paralysis of their legs. That is why the Hubi product line develops low-cost exoskeletons for children, with the aim of allowing them to live unforgettable experiences of their childhood and develop a life of independence


Hubi, is a line of development of exoskeletons for children, which aims to improve the quality of life of infants with motor difficulties. In the development of Hubi projects, people can finance their personal projects or sponsor projects for low-income children.

Those who are interested in developing products of the Hubi line, just click on the Book button presented below and express their interest in developing the project personally or with the aim of sponsoring children of limited resources. In human Bionics we will be happy to contribute and we will proceed initially with the clinical study of motor skills, taking measurements and subsequent production.



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