Lubryvend – Oil Change System

Lubryvend – Oil Change System

Lubryvend is an efficient and environmentally friendly device that improves and automates oil change processes on motorcycles. It reduces the time, effort and consumption of containers, during the process, guaranteeing the quality in the used oil extract.

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One of the frequent maintenance operations on motorcycles is oil change.

Oil is essential for the operation of the engine. Its mission is to lubricate and protect it, for which it creates a film between the moving parts that decreases the wear caused by friction.

There is no general rule for knowing when it is necessary to change motorcycle oil. Some experts determine that the liquid must be renewed every 2,000 kilometers when the configuration of the settings makes the oil serve to cool the engine, transmission and clutch. If it is only used for the propeller it is possible to wait up to 6,000 kilometers. However, the most accurate method to know the best time to change the oil of the motorcycle is to read the indications provided by the manufacturer, as it is the one who knows the vehicle best.

The general consequence of a lubricant in poor condition is that the metal parts of the engine wear much more. In addition, dirt accumulates in the filter and it ends up clogging. All this can lead to an excessive increase in temperature, premature wear of the engine, breakage of the connecting rod bush, cam arches and even the breakage of the engine.

Currently, the oil change process consists of opening the filling plug to allow air to enter the oil tank, placing a collection container of the old oil and proceeding to the opening of the emptying plug, which requires the use of a specific key, avoiding the risk of burns with oil. After a few minutes, the collection tray is removed and the old oil is set aside for recycling by taking it to a collection point. After the extraction process, we proceed to the filling, placing the new oil in the tank through the filling cap and with a funnel.

Lubryvend, as an automatic oil change device for motorcycles, seeks to improve this common process through a station capable of extracting all used oil in an eco-friendly and safe way, storing waste directly at recycling collection points and avoiding the risk of irrigation or oil burn.  On the other hand, it manages to do the filling process quickly and eliminating the use of non-biodegradable plastic containers.

The customization of the product, its simple operation, control by touch screen and the speed with which it manages to make the extraction and filling process in just 3 minutes, is an excellent alternative for mechanical workshops and gas stations.

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