Made – Brain Training

Made – Brain Training

MADE Alzheimer is an application that will help you improve your memory and train your brain, as it trains your brain and allows you to execute the different types of memories required by people in their daily living activities.

His specialty for Alzheimer’s and cognitive diseases, allows patients to entertain themselves and exercise their brain at the same time, slowing down the evolution of the disease.


MADE is a cognitive stimulation application developed together with Innpulsa Colombia, the National Government of Colombia, Fedesoft and Dr. María Adelaida García, a neuropsychologist specializing in dementia and cognitive development, especially for the treatment of autism and other associated diseases.

Cognitive stimulation is a process through which, people in adulthood, begin to strengthen memory, attention and executive function, through challenges and games, this strengthens people to have the ability to fend for themselves in the stage of older adulthood.

Currently, you can download the first version of Made available in the Play Store, but very soon you will be able to know the new version with a completely modernized interface, new challenges and functions, which allow you to integrate the whole family in a game that enhances the mental abilities of each person.

¡Wait for it!

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