MAXganado- management system for farmers

MAXganado- management system for farmers

Maxganado is a system composed of a web platform and a mobile application, in which different tools are presented that allow livestock personnel or foremen, facilitate the management of information and administration of livestock farms.

Within the application, users will be able to enter the respective information of their farm, specifically what refers to the number of sectors, livestock and the personnel that is in their charge, in order to facilitate the tasks as administrator and evidence in a clear and concise way the transfers that are made internally.


Maxganado was born in an alliance of Human Bionics, together with farmers from the Santander region, who had the idea of improving the administrative processes of their farms, bringing the technology of the city to the rural.


The technology that is decided to implement, is then a system that consists of a web platform and a mobile application, which allows storing the information of the farms, in order to keep a better control and issue an accounting regarding the management of the farm.


Maxganado has a focus on cattle farms and allows to register several farms at the same time, assigning a foreman profile. This allows the owners of the farms to have full access to the information and also allow the foreman to continue updating the information.


Within each farm you can sectorize and enter the information of the cattle that make it up. Additionally, individually it is allowed to keep a record of each bovine, in aspects such as its initial weight, current weight, feeding, medicines and others.


In case of a bad connection that occurs in the rural area in which the farm is located, the platform allows to continue storing information, avoiding delays in work. Similarly, at the time of recovering the internet connection, the data entered off-line will be restored.

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