Nursee – Robot Nurse

Nursee – Robot Nurse

Nursee is a robot nurse, which provides information, contact, reminder, supervision and accompaniment services. It is ideal for use in hospitals and at home, as it allows family members to have contact with the patient and take care of him even in the distance.

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Nursee consists of the design and development of a robot, which performs administrative functions of nursing in hospitalized patients or who are in the process of recovery at home.


Within its functions, Nursee stores vital signs information in the clinical history of patients, in case of finding any anomaly, it has the ability to notify the patient, the medical staff and even a family member, who is registered in the database of emergency contacts.


On the other hand, health personnel can schedule medications and their respective supply schedules, thus activating Nursse’s reminder function.


Nursee also has a screen, camera and microphone, which allows the patient to communicate with their loved ones through video call, in order to fulfill accompanying functions. This feature demonstrated its importance throughout the pandemic, when inpatients could only have contact with their family members through remote applications.


For the contact and supervision of patients, medical staff and family members, they only require the use of the application on the mobile, identifying the patient through their I.D. So they can stay informed, receiving any information instantly.


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