Springs – Spring Machine

Springs – Spring Machine

It is a machine designed to facilitate and improve the production of springs up to 1mt in length for the automotive industry.

The device allows to guarantee the quality of the product, as well as minimizes the time and effort made at the time of production

$ 2.500

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Springs is a machine developed in conjunction with the Caribbean Springs factory, with the purpose of improving the production of large springs, in terms of better quality process of the final product and reduction of manufacturing time.

The machine has an electricity connector and a power switch that activates the operation of the 5 control buttons of the equipment.

The first button is for emergency braking, followed by the buttons for automatic production manual production, resetting the initial position automatically and manually resetting for initial position.

The operation consists of the displacement of a guide car through a lane, which gives the direction of the raw material and a second lane in which the spring is formed. This process finally allows to guarantee a production of springs up to 1mt in length, with higher quality and shorter production time.

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