Tooth – Dental Color Detector

Tooth – Dental Color Detector

It is a device in development, specialized for dentists, which seeks through artificial intelligence technology, to facilitate and improve the quality of the work of these specialists; detecting the natural color of the teeth to indicate by means of the mobile application, the precise tone of the implants.


According to Villegas A., Gómez D. and Moreno F. in the bibliographic review of Electronic devices to reproduce color in dentistry, at present, the aesthetic success of a restoration is based on the ability of professionals and oral health technicians to obtain the color of natural teeth through the different manual or electronic devices and reproduce it with the available restoration materials.

Among the manual instruments are the color guides, such as the Vitapan Classical®, Vita 3D Master® and Chromascop® guide, which through an alpha-numeric code standardizes the representation made of the different color tones in the three dimensions of the Munsell system: Hue, value and chroma. But this system has technical limitations, since they only achieve an approximation to the “basic color of a tooth” since the tones of the guides are the product of average values of population studies, that is, the color guides alone are not accurate enough when it comes to reproducing the color of the natural tooth.

On the other hand, there are photo-spectrometers or spectrophotometers, spectro-radiometers, colorimeters and image analyzers that are electronic devices that identify color and hue for a more objective measurement of color, by measuring the color of tooth surfaces and the proportional amount of light reflected as wavelengths, which produces a reflectance spectrum. That is, it consists of illuminating the tooth with a white light and calculating the amount of light it reflects in a series of wavelength intervals ranging from 400 to 700 nm.

Currently, electronic color detection devices are presented in the market at prices ranging between $ 2,000 USD and $ 10,000 USD, therefore, the Oral Rehabilitation Specialist Cesar Plata Valdivieso, together with our Human Bionics team, we are developing Tooth, a color detection device, which by implementing Artificial Intelligence in the sampling process, detects the index with the highest percentage of reliability to the color of the natural tooth.

Similarly, by implementing a technology different from the devices available on the market, it manages to reduce its costs compared to the competition.

So far, the project has delivered great results and very soon our product will be available and available to oral health personnel.

¡Wait for it!

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