Kbinet – Disinfection and sterilization UV-C

Kbinet – Disinfection and sterilization UV-C

Kbinet is a line of low-cost disinfection and sterilization products, which by means of UV-C radiation manages to penetrate the molecular structure of viruses, bacteria and protozoa; preventing their reproduction and eliminating them by up to 99%. Kbinet products automate disinfection by facilitating the process and keeping people away from contagion spaces.

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Ultraviolet (UV) light has a direct antimicrobial approach, effective against various viruses. The type of UV light most commonly used as a germicide is short-wave UV light (UV-C), which since its discovery in 1817 has become a basic method of sterilization, being used in hospitals, airplanes, food factories and in the process of disinfection of drinking water (Semana, 2020).

UV-C lamps are composed of an arc of low-pressure mercury vapor, which emits around 254 nm (Columbia University, 2020). That is, it has a shorter and more energetic wavelength of light than the other types of UV radiation, which makes it effective against the elimination of viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

Despite the great benefits, this type of radiation presents against indications that can affect the health of people and animals, therefore it must be used in spaces with restricted access. Even with this, experts have not been limited and with the growing demand for disinfection products by the present Sars-Cov-2 virus (Covid-19), they have carried out studies that prove the effectiveness of inoculation against this virus.

The National Laboratories of Infectious Diseases (NEILD) of Boston University (Forbes, 2020), headed by Dr. Antony Griffiths, associate professor of microbiology at the Boston School of Medicine in the United States, have developed an investigation in which they treated material contaminated by the virus that causes COVID-19, with different types of UV-C radiation and evaluated the ability to inactivate and / or cancel under various conditions. The team applied a dose of 5mJ/cm2, which generated a 99% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 6 seconds. Based on these data it was determined that a dose of 22mJ/Cm2 minimizes 99.9999% in 25 seconds.

Based on the excellent results obtained in the disinfection process by means of UV-C radiation, Human Bionics has developed a line of products capable of sterilizing different elements and spaces. These devices developed in a stainless steel structure, facilitate cleaning safely and efficiently.


Nico Robot

It is a device that has 12 UV-C lights of 90cm, which generates a high power of radiation. The robot has autonomous displacement, which allows it to perform by itself, the disinfection of large spaces such as hospitals, operating rooms, airports, shopping centers, among others.


Kbinet Blue

It has a lower cost, it also has 12 UV-C lights of 90cm and its difference lies in its displacement, since it must be located manually in the space to be disinfected, so it is ideal in smaller spaces such as offices, rooms and schools.


Kbinet Zero

It is a wardrobe disinfection booth, made of fiberglass. It allows you to enter all kinds of clothing such as medical clothing or even clothes that are left in the dressing rooms of the stores. With just a few minutes, the clothes will be completely disinfected and by not implementing chemicals, the textiles will not suffer any kind of damage.


Kbinet Mini

It is an ideal device for the disinfection of personal items, surgical instruments and other small elements. In it there are 4 UV-C lights of 20cm, which being so close to the elements to be disinfected, penetrate with a high radiation potential, ensuring the sterilization of the elements. Kbinet Mini also has a deozoning tank, which allows to eliminate the ozone produced by UV-C lights.


Kbinet APP

In order to keep health personnel, patients and cleaning staff away from spaces in which different viruses and bacteria can be found, Kbinet devices are managed by means of an application, which allows disinfecting spaces remotely, without having contact with places of contagion.

In the application, users select the corresponding device, establish a Bluetooth connection and specify the viruses and bacteria they want to eliminate, then select the area to be disinfected and automatically the application will indicate the duration of the disinfection process. With the application, people will be able to start disinfection and identify how much is the remaining time of the process. At the end of the disinfection time, the ozone ventilation process will begin and at the end the users will receive a notification of completion of the entire process.

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