Containment device for lymphedema

The Alpress pressotherapy device, specialized for patients with lymphedema, helps to pump the accumulated liquids in specific areas of the body, helping to recover the shape through different types of massages.

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Easy access

Use the Alpress pressotherapy equipment, anytime, anywhere, even while walking, you only need to activate it from your cell phone.

Personalized Treatment

Connect the device to the mobile application, and according to the recommendations of your doctor, you can adjust the most favorable pressure conditions for you.

Track your progress

Through the application you can see the results of your evolution, take measurements, and even make a photographic record of your progress.


What is Alpress?

Alpress is a portable device for the treatment of lymphedema by applying pressotherapy in lower and upper limb.

Unlike other products on the market, with Alpress you can perform your daily activities while receiving therapy from home, and, by integrating the most advanced connectivity technology can be configured from a smartphone with the mobile application, and start therapies from this, the treating physician can monitor the use by the patient, formulate medications and view a photographic record of the progress of treatment.

Use the Alpress Device

Below are simple steps to get you started with Alpress equipment


Adjust the garment

First put on the belt and then adjust the garment to your leg, start from the ankle to your thigh, adjusting it as much as possible.


Connect your device

Check the state of charge of your battery and connect it to your device, turn it on, and connect it to the app, via Bluetooth.


Set up and use

Select the massage model, set the pressure levels and adjust the massage time, finally activate the device from your application.

Personalize your treatment

The Alpress development team understands that the condition of each patient is different, depending on the phase, and the location where it is affected, so we have designed a device that fits each patient according to the recommendations of specialists.

Select your size

According to the length of your leg, you can choose size S, M or L. You will not have to worry about the width, since our garments fit any type of body, with measures ranging from 18 to 85cm.



Leg length: 63 cm

Thigh circumference: 34-85 cm

Ankle circumference: 18-53 cm



Leg length: 70 cm

Thigh circumference: 34-85 cm

Ankle circumference: 18-53 cm



Leg length: 76 cm

Thigh circumference: 34-85 cm

Ankle circumference: 18-53 cm

Different Types of Massages

Each type of massage is adjusted to the conditions of therapy recommended by the specialist.


Generates pressure in a staggered manner.


Exerts pressure in a sectioned way.


It provides simultaneous pressure on the entire limb.


It integrates massages A, B, and C, sequentially.

Adjust Pressure Levels

The specialist selects the level of pressure that should be exerted on each section of the body, to guarantee the results of the therapy.

Minimum pressure

20 to 40 mmHg

Maximum Pressure

40 to 60 mmHg

Track your progress

Download and register in our application, there you will find a specific module to control your progress, where you can register personal information, such as your name, age, and affected limb. In addition, you can take periodic measurements before and after using Alpress equipment to show improvements. You can also make a photographic record that allows you to see improvements over time.

Best of all, you can link your account with your specialist, so he can keep track of your progress.

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If you are interested in learning how Alpress’ containment technology works and are interested in purchasing it, contact us for a free trial of the device.

Remember thduringat our equipment is controlled under medical supervision, so you will have a specialist doctor, guiding you from your testing process

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