Be part of the world of coffee

Become a coffee farmer without the need to have your own land. Rent land in Latam, and plant and harvest your own coffee. Publish it as a product and sell it. All this is in the same application.

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Create your own Brand

Rent the coffee crop according to the conditions of the harvest you want to obtain and then sell it under your own brand of coffee.


Direct Trade

Buy or sell coffee directly to coffee growers, guaranteeing a fair price for both parties, through our application.

Tours to Coffee Farms

Discover the best coffee farms, taste different types of coffee, and learn about the whole process behind each bean.

Join our CLUB

Be part of the most innovative experience in the coffee market

Coffí Club is a digital platform that seeks through technology, to connect coffee farmers and coffee lovers around the world, to expand and guarantee fair trade around coffee crops.

A platform like no other

Discover all the benefits of being part of our coffee CLUB

Rent a farm and harvest

Define the characteristics of the harvest you expect and rent the ideal farm.

The largest variety of coffee

We gather coffees from all over the world, so you can choose according to your taste.

Fair Trade for all

The coffee grower decides the price of his product, according to the quality of the coffee.

Come to the Market

By eliminating intermediaries, we facilitate the entry of new brands.

Competitive prices

Find the best prices directly with the farmer.

Large wholesale sales

This option allows the flow of large quantities of coffee, at a lower price.

Create your own Coffee Brand

Below, you will find 3 simple steps so you can start your own brand of coffee from anywhere in the world. Getting started is very easy, you just have to download the Coffi Club application.


Download the app

Find our app available in the PlayStore or App store, download the app, and easily register with your email.


Rent a farm

Select the type of coffee you want to obtain: Type, Form, Flavor, Level of roasting, Origin and others. You will find different farms that meet your parameters, select the one you like the most.


Receive your harvest

During the growing time, you will be able to interact by seeing the growth and status of your plants. When cooking, the coffee growers will send you your coffee in your brand’s packaging.

Market your Coffee

Without intermediaries

If you already have your brand or if you are a coffee lover who likes to try and enjoy the variety of coffee, in Coffi Club app you can also buy and sell your product, retail or wholesale, so you can stock your pantry or your store with the best coffees in the world.

Discover fascinating stories.

Take tours of the best farms in the world, and tastings and become an expert.

You will find how different cultures and cultivation techniques infer in each grain, making each product unique and special.




As coffee experts, we know that more than a product, it is an experience.

For this reason, Coffi Club currently seeks to innovate by creating coffee exhibition centers, which through technology manage to immerse consumers in all the sensations caused by a good cup of coffee.


Learn more about the experience centers, in our investment rounds:

Investment Round

Status: Open

Coffee growers have already believed in our project.

$10,000 USD

Investments by Colombian coffee growers

Be part of the future

Invest your too

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