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Coffi Club is a coffee marketing platform that seeks to promote the digitalization and globalization of quality products, extracted directly from the field, eliminating intermediaries in the process.

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Investment Round – Open

Coffee growers have already believed in our project.

  • 30% 30%


$10.000 USD

Investments by Colombian coffee growers

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What is


 It is a digital paltaforma that through its mobile application, provides direct connection functions with coffee growers, merchants and coffee lovers, to be able to produce and digitally market various types of coffee around the world.

A unique platform

Discover all the benefits of being part of our coffee CLUB

Rent a farm and harvest

Define the characteristics of the harvest you expect and rent the ideal farm.

The largest variety of coffee

We gather coffees from all over the world, so you can choose according to your taste.

Fair Trade for all

The coffee grower decides the price of his product, according to the quality of the coffee.

Come to the Market

By eliminating intermediaries, we facilitate the entry of new brands.

Competitive prices

Find the best prices directly with the farmer.

Large wholesale sales

This option allows the flow of large quantities of coffee, at a lower price.

Experience Center



As coffee experts, we know that more than a product, it is an experience.

For this reason, Coffi Club currently seeks to innovate by creating coffee exhibition centers, which through technology manage to immerse consumers in all the sensations caused by a good cup of coffee.

View and

With the products you can buy

& Savor

The best quality coffee in our innovative showroom

Immerse in the crops

That produce the best coffee harvests


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Sales projection

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Phase 2

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Software Development

Experience Centers



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Learn about our investment plans

Partners Plan

Buy part of the project and receive the profits equivalent to your percentage of participation.

Export Plan

It invests in the short term, renting extensive crops that produce an export-sized crop.

Alliance Plan

Contribute to the project from your knowledge and let’s form together a beneficial alliance for both.

Contribution Plan

Makes monetary contributions to the development of technologies focused on medicine.


Invest in the future

We invite you to take an active part of our project by becoming a partner and participating in making important decisions for the growth of our company. Receive annual profits according to your percentage of participation.

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Create your own Brand

Invest in the world of coffee, rent farms, and market coffee through the Coffi Club platform, remember that you can market large volumes of merchandise, through our export plans.

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Contribute to the future

We believe that each person has a lot of knowledge to share and with which they can contribute to our project, whether they are a software engineer, marketing specialist, coffee grower or barista. Your experience can enrich us.

If you have something to share, let’s work together


A contribution to the world

The small contributions also make a difference, in this space we group a large number of people who, through donations, manage to give the initial march that technological projects, benefiting coffee farmers of scarce resources.

In gratitude, he receives a surprise package with coffees from Colombia’s entrepreneurial brands.

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Coffi Club is a digital platform that seeks, through technology, to connect coffee farmers and lovers worldwide, and to expand and guarantee fair trade around coffee crops.

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