with REBOX fam

For home

Connecting devices and appliances, ideal for regular consumption of a home

Rural areas

Enables the generation of electricity for rural areas that do not have electricity

Charging station

Ideal product for the generation of charge for electric vehicles

It is a family of products connected to a mobile application through IoT. Its function is to renew solar energy and take advantage of it in different environments such as the home, electric vehicle charging and rural areas that do not have lighting and electricity systems.

Rebox is currently looking for an investor to start its production and commercialization process to reach thousands of users.

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Rebox Home

It allows the connectivity of household appliances and devices. It consists of two versions: Rebox 500 and Rebox 3000 that provide autonomy and long battery life

Voltage 500w, 2000w, 3000w and 10000w

High power portable panels

Extended device battery life

Rebox Car

Ideal version for rural environments and devices that require higher voltage and larger loads, this is thanks to its expandable panels that enhance its functional characteristics.

Voltage of 15,000w, 20,000w, 25,000w and 30,000w

4 panels expandable up to 8 high power

Watchtower with light for car security

Includes dual battery for increased performance

Charging Station

It allows charging electric vehicles. It is a station disconnected from the electricity grid, as it works with solar energy trapped by its solar panels, allowing it to be autonomous

Voltage of 50,000w, 100,000w and 200,000w

Integrated solar panels for autonomy

Charging of any electric vehicle

Development Plan

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USD $3.000.000

Opportunity Rate


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